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Mayhem TeamRetreat

Our team retreat brings together all players and coaches in the organization for a weekend of team bonding. Teams compete in challenges, obstacle courses, and so much more.  While enjoying the adventure of living in treehouses.

Texas Mayhem Team Retreat 2022
Texas Mayhem Basketball

Texas Mayhem Team Retreat 2022


Ball Rush

Teams are divided into pairs and then one partner is blindfolded.  The other partner directs his blindfolded partner where to go. With 9 pairs of participants 8 balls are put into the middle of a ring.  Who will survive this challenge?


Kayak Races

Teams choose what players they want to put into the Kayak together.  They then race across the river to a marked area much like a relay race.


Eating Challenge

The eating challenge is part of our obstacle course.  Players are asked to eat 3 items that are considered to be very unpleasant.


Team Puzzle

Puzzle games are used throughout our obstacle courses and challenges.  This is the great equalizer for younger teams trying to beat older team.


Obstacle Course

There obstacle courses have 4-5 checkpoints within them.  Teams are asked to work together to conquer the course while picking up puzzle pieces at each checkpoint.


Team Disk Hold

Teams are asked to hold a disk with a weighted bag between each teammate.  The concept is simple, drop the disk or bag and your eliminated.

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