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Team Levels


Mayhem Premier

Boys & Girls

Mayhem Premier is our top-tier team(s) that participates in all evaluation periods and attends team camps during the summer. Our players receive monthly team and individual highlights, which are sent to colleges across the country. We take into account GPA's and SAT scores to determine the best fit for college. Our teams practice 2-3 times a week and undergo a rigorous 6-week conditioning program.

Mayhem Preview

Boys & Girls

Mayhem Preview are dedicated players who are striving to make varsity on their school teams next season. They will play in the DFW metroplex until summer, after which they will attend team camps and nationals. Stay updated with their progress by checking out their monthly team highlights.

Preview 7G
Progression Team Pic.png

Mayhem Progression

Boys & Girls

Mayhem Progression teams are perfect for beginners who are looking to develop their skills and passion for the sport. Our teams play in local leagues and participate in tournaments throughout the summer. Join us and become a part of the exciting world of basketball.

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