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Zombie Tourney

Zombie 5.png

The Celebration


When and Where

Grapevine Fieldhouse

October 7th, 2023

Games start at 7pm and will end by 4am.  Younger divisions will get priority for earliest playing times.

2 of your 3 games will be played in a back-to-back format.  We will do our best to make sure the team you play has the same format  to eliminate any "rest"advantage.

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Tournament Rules

Pool Play ONLY

Pool play will consist of 3 games.  The team with the best record will be awarded first place.  In the event of a tie,

we will use Head to Head scores, point differential, and a coin flip. 


​All 1st place teams will receive the one of a kind Zombie championship trophy.   There is no prize for 2nd place.

Gate Fees

 Adults - $15

Children - $10 (12 and under.)

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