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Our Coaches


Coach Todd Robinson

Program Owner

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Originally from Illinois, Robinson moved to Oakland, CA at age 8 where he found his love for the game of basketball. Robinson played at UC Berkeley and Dixie State College.  On his rise to play college basketball Robinson describes his journey  as " Liberating and  life-changing.  I met some great mentors who shared the game with me.  Coaches who taught me so much more than the game.  Those men, I will be forever grateful for."  Robinson is a coach who strongly believes in discipline, collective responsibility, respect, and who uses his mistakes to teach the correct way to do things.  Robinson uses a games approach philosophy based on decision making, rather than just skill acquisition. He believes often times coaches focus on only the skill and not how/when to make the decision to execute the skill. He bridges the gap between them.  Coach Robinson's favorite life's lesson quote is "The way you play the game of basketball, is the way you will play the game of life."

- Kurtis Townsend


Coach Keen


Head Coach of 2028 Girls

Coach Joaquin Turner joined RBC in 2022.  As a child, I was a dual sport athlete that played basketball and football.  I received an academic and football scholarship from Texas Southern. Prior to graduating, I was scouted to play professionally prior to an ACL injury. While in grad school, I was able to regain playing semi-pro and started coaching youth football and basketball. I continued to coach while playing and progressing professionally as an Arena football player for North Texas Savages Texas Revolution, and Virginia Reapers. After my playing career, I focused on child development at my church and became a youth pastor. I believe strongly a good foundation of Christian principles can create a successful selfish team. As a coach, I believe in passion, purpose and commitment to the little things will equal success in the game of sports and the game of life.

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