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HS Shooting Schedule 

All players participating in the high school program will be required to sign-up every weekend for one hour of shooting.  When your team is playing in a tournament you are not required to sign-up for shooting.  

When you arrive at Mayhem the camera will notify me of your arrival. You will use your fingerprint to access the gym lock.  

When you're finished all you have to do is clean up and leave.  To lock the door you swipe your hand from bottom to top of the keypad.  Your hand has to slightly touch the keypad to do this.  If their is another player in the gym when you leave, ask them to go outside, and use their fingerprint after you lock the door.  This will ensure your not responsible for anything that they do while in the gym. 

If you would like to workout with a partner you need to schedule the partner workout and not HS Shooting. Boys and Girls DO NOT WORKOUT TOGETHER!!!

You cannot schedule more than two weeks out.  I did this intentionally.  I left the time slots open from 8PM Friday until Sunday at 10PM.  I do not care what time you schedule in that time frame, just get it done.  NO EXCUSES!!!  


Any player who does not cleanup after themselves will not be punished.  Instead, I will punish your team for it while you watch.  Any player choosing to skip a workout will not play at the following tournament.  NO EXECEPTIONS!!!  Only Mayhem players are allowed in the facility.  Anyone who does not play for Mayhem needs to stay out.  Parents do not apply to this rule. 

                     Coach Todd                      

Below is a schedule link to sign up for Friday-Sunday shooting.

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